Message from CEO

Glam-it! is that mewl of discontent combined with a well-known cuss word and a sharp noise that is emitted by a girl who has dropped all her makeup, or can't find her favorite eyeliner or lipstick while scrounging around her purse.  Glam-it! is also the sound the same girl makes when asked about what she's going to wear to an awards’ party, date night, special event.  GlamPact stands for, most basically, Glam + Compact (makeup), but what you might not know is that it also stands for Glam + Impact.

It's no longer enough to be pretty, smart, successful...These days we need to be everything to everyone.  We were that told we could have it all and so we strive so that we can. We aren't afraid to realize and embrace that GLAM is a 4-letter word, and that it's possible to be all those things and edgy at the same time.  It's exciting, fun, and incredibly difficult to be a girl. Beauty is not about how you look... Beauty is a feeling. You just know when you have your best face forward.  Glam-it! is about the girl in all of us, who started wearing lipgloss as soon as her mother would let her, pairs her grandmother's vintage Chanel with Forever 21, creates and is part of cultural movements, and is a trendsetter, not a follower. All our lives, we are always being told we could be more this... less that ... and always, somehow, it's not quite good enough.  We've seen really successful women, actresses, socialites, high-powered executives and CEOs with myriad accomplishments who are still finding themselves, continuously defining and redefining themselves.  They've accomplished so much yet still have this relentless insecurity (or is it drive?) that propels them onward.  Why is that?  We care too much about how others see us and ask ourselves these universal questions.  Am I pretty enough?  Am I beautiful enough?  Who am I and what do I want in life?  Is there enough time in life to do what I want?  

Glam-it! & GlamPact will help you figure all of this out, so you can do whatever you want, be ready for anything life throws at you, and be completely utterly and proudly yourself.  Glam-it! is about giving girls the power of being able to choose. Since it all comes down to YOU and your choices when assembling your beauty toolkit, colors, and palette, as with the girls who wield GlamPacts, no two GlamPacts are ever alike.  The magical moment is seeing yourself in your very own GlamPact mirror (your face in lights just like a movie star dressing room) and knowing you ARE good enough and ready for anything!  A Glam("it!") Girl can do anything and she is already beautiful. GlamPact is about giving you back the time you lose and Glam-it! is about helping you reclaiming yourself life.  It's your life. Live it!

How do I know all this?  Because I'm one of you. Because I am a Glam (it!) Girl and so are all of you.
Get your life back!
Xoxo, Stay glam always
Glam-it! Founder & CGG (AKA Chief Glam Girl & CEO)


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